2016 in review...

Well... its been a humbling and frustrating process to go back through my work for the past year.  I see that my interests are varied and I know I was trying to embrace that this year.  However, putting everything together and putting it side by side has forced me to make some tough comparisons.  I won't go into every detail, but to summarize, I think I am most proud of my abstract paintings.  I also have the most fulfillment from this aspect of my work, which is important.  As more of a personal reflection, I have spent the last three nights in the studio attempting to paint more realistic subjects and have nothing of note to even show.  More importantly though, I was so frustrated by the process and so devoid of energy afterwards that I began reassessing every aspect of my work.  The bright side is that I have a few little abstracts that were born from the leftover paint that I quite enjoyed.  

The following were painted on the reverse side of a plate of glass, so they have a depth to them that is quite unique.  The second one has a few stray marks on the surface that break that surface illusion, but it helps show what I am failing to describe here in words.  

Autumn Breathes